Zepsa Industries Incorporated is a 100 plus person firm consisting of the industry’s best project managers and project engineers, cabinet and furniture makers, stairbuilders, yacht joinery craftsmen and outfitters and a top notch professional support-staff to tie it all together.

This family owned and operated company founded by President Ed Zepsa has been serving a who’s who list of the country’s best architects, interior designers, general contractors and mega yacht builders since 1981.

The company founder whose European roots are in a family tradition of fine craftsmen runs the daily activities of the company with his wife, Maripat, and their two sons, Brian and Peter, who both joined the company in 2003 and are assuming ever increasing management responsibilities in business development, estimating and general manufacturing operations.

Zepsa brings to all of its clients a comprehensive turnkey ability to design and engineer, manufacture and install some of the finest handcrafted architectural woodwork, yacht interiors and monumental stairs to be found anywhere in the world today. With sales offices in California, Florida and Charlotte to support projects nationwide and beyond, Zepsa’s corporate home is strategically located in the beautiful western North Carolina city of Charlotte. Zepsa is grounded in America’s most traditional woodworking and furniture making heartland. This is no small advantage to Zepsa and allows us to bring our customers the highest levels of handcrafted studio artisanship with the latest wood industry technology and blend them into a perfect balance of artistic sensibility and manufacturing power. The end result is that our customers receive museum quality, world class workmanship, delivered on schedule and at competitive,value-generating pricing.

Allow us to partner with you on your next project and experience the quality and value difference Zepsa delivers for you and your most discriminating clients.


Zepsa consistently brings excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency to the table as a team member.

1. Budget Creation
We will help you develop preliminary budgets. Nothing creates more stress in relationships between owners, architects and builders than unrealistic budgets. Since the architectural woodwork package is often times one of the project’s largest dollar value line items, we will help you to establish realistic budgets from the outset. We will also help in making suggestions and offer alternatives to help guide the cost toward the budget wherever and whenever possible.

2. Design/Engineering/Shop Drawings
We really stand out here! Not bragging, but we have been told that our shop drawings are some of the best executed and most useful in the business.

When we are taken on early in the construction process, our highly detailed drawings help to facilitate, push and flush out hundreds of interior problems and actively push the job forward. We find that our drawings are used by multiple trades from framing crews to mechanical, plumbing and electrical trades.

For architects struggling with their own budgets or time constraints, we work effectively taking fairly well-developed “conceptual” design drawings and executing them to completion. No need for you to spend months detailing architectural woodwork drawings, as we will do it with you and for you. Give us the design concept and some standard details, and we will return shop drawings for your approval, in fact, think of us as an extension of your office drafting department which clearly saves all involved a great deal of time and accelerates the project completion.

3. Samples and Mockups
Sometimes clients and owners not well versed in our business have difficulty making decisions from drawings. When required, Zepsa is ready, willing and able to produce mockups of all varieties from small door corner samples, to moulding assemblies or fully mocked room elevations.

We formulate in house all of our own finishes and have full capability to produce a wide variety of AWI system finishes as well as exotic and artistic finishes of all types. Just give us a nod in the general direction where you would like us to go with a certain look and we will get there for you. Zepsa has in house veneer layup capability allowing us to produce and provide a variety of veneer solutions for you as well.

4. The Shop
Although we have 80,000 sq.ft. under one roof we like to call it “the shop” rather than “the plant” because of what that implies. Zepsa’s philosophy maintains that the best work often comes from a small two to six man studio shop where craftsmen are well equipped and free from business concerns in order to concentrate on the task at hand.

Like a university with numerous colleges Zepsa has a variety of organized “shops” all under one large roof. Each shop specializes in a certain kind of work, namely the “moulding and trim shop”, the “stair shop”, the “door shop”, the “cabinet shop”, the “specialty shop”, the “yacht shop”, and the “finishing shop”. All of these shops behave as though they were individual work shops, each independently equipped, staffed and managed. Yet these shops are also fluid and flexible and expected to fully collaborate with all other shops in order to produce and execute large projects.

General operations and project management, floor supervisors and team leaders all work together to orchestrate this complex manufacturing dance into a successful on-time project.

5. Project Management
Project Managers at Zepsa are the “problem” managers at Zepsa and are the coordinating agents on each job. Zepsa project managers typically tend to come out of the woodworking trades or engineering. They are experienced, senior level managers very technically proficient, well versed in avoiding problems and are present to provide field dimensions and templating; review shop drawings as produced by the engineering department; coordinate the building site supervisors and other trades; arrange for and manage the overall installation process.

6. Installation
Zepsa’s work takes us, and our installers, nationwide. We install virtually 95% of all our work produced. Our general approach to installing projects begins in the engineering and detailing of our shop drawings. We anticipate installation conditions and requirements, even before we order materials. We strive to assemble, or at least mock-up, as much as possible in our shop. This leaves less to do in the field: fewer joints to handle, less touch up after completion, and less time spent installing. At any given point you can visit our shop and see entire rooms mocked up and fully finished and assembled as if it were already in your space. We don’t send out loads of lumber and materials haphazardly or unsystematically to the field and then expect carpenters to do cabinet makers’ and furniture makers’ jobs in field conditions. This ensures a much higher level of shop controlled quality and cuts the installation time drastically.

7. Product Scope
At this point what we do and provide in a turnkey fashion is evident, but just to enforce the above ideas, here is a short list:

  • Architectural mouldings and trims
  • Architectural doors, interior door and jamb packages
  • Fine custom built cabinetry throughout the house
  • Paneling. Paneled walls, ceilings or entire rooms.
  • Custom bench built handmade furniture for residences, commercial settings and mega yachts
  • Monumental stairs of the most complex designs, hand made, hand carved and installed to the same quality levels of fine furniture.
  • Specialty work – Almost no limit here because we want to be of service. We have helped our client builders create elements in wood that solved many sourcing problems – i.e. historical beam work, cupolas and framed roof structures, specialty exterior work, custom made garage doors, wine cellars, home theatres, brackets, outdoor gates, specialty windows and sash, exterior, and historically accurate front doors and beautiful entrances. Columns, architectural elements, custom turnings and handcarvings.

8. Related Products
As part of our effort to make your life easier, make your job run better, and create value for you, our project managers, along with our engineering and purchasing department will include, the procurement and integration of decorative hardware, stonework, leathers and fabrics, glass and mirrors, metal and iron work, etc., when required.