Our Process

Although we own and operate well over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing shops in New York, Charlotte, and Florida, the Zepsa mindset is still that of a small studio shop. We are broken up and organized by products and functions.


Like a university with numerous colleges, Zepsa has a variety of organized “shops” all under one large roof. Each shop specializes in a certain kind of work, namely the Moulding and Trim Shop, the the Stair Shop, the Door Shop, the Metal Shop, the Cabinet Shop, the Specialty Shop, the Yacht Shop, and the Finishing Shop. All of these shops behave as though they were individual work shops, each independently equipped, staffed and managed. While these shops are independent, they are also fluid, flexible, and expected to fully collaborate with all other shops in order to produce and execute large projects.



General operations and project management, floor supervisors and team leaders all work together to orchestrate this complex manufacturing dance into a successful on‐time project.

  • Architectural moldings and trims
  • Architectural doors, interior door, and jamb packages
  • Fine custom built cabinetry throughout the house
  • Paneled walls, ceilings or entire rooms
  • Custom bench built handmade furniture for residences, commercial settings and mega yachts
  • Monumental stairs of the most complex designs, hand made, hand carved and installed to the same quality levels of fine furniture
  • Fine architectural metals and blacksmith works


Almost no limit here because we want to be of service. We have helped our client builders create elements in wood that solved many sourcing problems – i.e. historical beam work, cupolas and framed roof structures, specialty exterior work, custom made garage doors, wine cellars, home theatres, brackets, outdoor gates, specialty windows and sash, exterior and historically accurate front doors and beautiful entrances, columns, architectural elements, custom turnings ,and hand carvings.




As part of our effort to make your life easier, make your job run better, and create value for you, our project managers, along with our engineering and purchasing department will include the procurement and integration of decorative hardware, stonework, leathers and fabrics, glass and mirrors, and metal and iron work, etc., when required.


Zepsa’s work takes us, and our installers, nationwide. We install virtually 95% of all our work produced. Our general approach to installing projects begins in the engineering and detailing of our shop drawings. We anticipate installation conditions and requirements, even before we order materials. We strive to assemble, or at least mock‐up, as much as possible in our shop. This leaves less to do in the field: fewer joints to handle, less touch up after completion, and less time spent installing. At any given point you can visit our shop and see entire rooms mocked up and fully finished and assembled as if it were already in your space. We don’t send out loads of lumber and materials haphazardly or unsystematically to the field and then expect carpenters to do cabinet makers’ and furniture makers’ jobs in field conditions. This ensures a much higher level of shop controlled quality and cuts the installation time drastically.

The Finest Workmanship and
State-of-the-Art Technology